Dale S. Rose, Ph.D. is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with a deep understanding of social systems and a passion for helping leaders learn how to grow their organizations. In 1994, Dale co-founded 3D Group, a California-based consulting firm with expertise in employee surveys, 360-degree feedback, and leadership development. Dale works with an eclectic mix of clients that include a university ranked in the top five nationally, the largest foundation in the world, an international amusement parks operator, several regional insurance companies, and an agency within the federal government. In addition to his work with larger systems, Dale coaches over 100 leaders one-on-one each year ranging from CEOs to board members and even a few first time managers. Throughout his career, Dale has been an active author, publishing many peer reviewed articles and book chapters on topics ranging from program evaluation methods, to employee survey methods, consulting best practices, and 360-degree feedback. Included in these works are three widely-cited benchmarking studies on 360-degree feedback practices dating back to 2002. In addition to his research and publishing, Dale has built more than a dozen commercial assessments for identifying and developing talent, including the 360-degree feedback tools known as the Leadership Navigator suite and a host of selection tests and customized selection tools. Though he is very active professionally, Dale makes time for his other loves including bicycling, competitive backgammon, music, and his charming and highly entertaining family.


Dale S. Rose, Ph.D.


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